Assessing Quality of Spot Joint between Two Components with the Help of Holographic Interferometry
Measurements of Temperature Distribution in Melting Zone
Instruments for Diagnostics of Protecting Properties of Metallic Shells Exposed to Mixed Fields of Ionizing Radiation
Effect of Antenna Suspension Altitude in a Ground Penetrating Radar on Received Signal
Testing of Mounting Hardware by Method of High-Frequency Magnetic Flux
Eddy-Current Transducer Measuring Spatial Magnetic Field Components of Different Frequencies
Investigation of Scattering of Transverse Waves by Crack
Quantitative Estimates of Susceptibility of Nondestructive Testing Based on Acoustic Emission
Algorithm for Identification of Calculi in Kidneys by the Method of Digital Two-Frequency X-ray Imaging
A Bit of Advice to Young Instrument Designers
15th International Conference on Nondestructive Testing (October 14–21, 2000, Rome)
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