Diagnostics of Spacecraft Launching Facilities Using Acoustic Testing Techniques
Distributed Multichannel Acoustic-Emission System Equipped with Microprocessors for Strength Testing of Long Objects
Computational Aspects of Dual Energy Digital X-ray Photography
Thermal Uncertainties in Measurements of Relative Dielectric Permeability and Loss Tangent versus Temperature in the SHF Band by the Method of a Free Space
SHF Radiation Reflection Spectra of Composites Containing a Magnetic Liquid and Dielectric and Derivation of Magnetic Liquid Parameters
Developing Techniques for Testing Magnetic Properties of Electric Steels
Feasibility of Testing Paramagnetic Materials by Magnetic Resonance Methods
TV Endoscope for Viewing Not Easily Accessible Objects
16th Russian Conference on Nondestructive Testing and Diagnostics St. Petersburg, September 9–12, 2002