Magnetic Permeability of Spherical Bodies in a Homogeneous AC Field
Three-dimensional Model of Discontinuity Flaw of Finite Dimensions in a Ferromagnetic Plate
Feasibility of Diagnosing Corrosion Cracking in Main Pipelines
Instrument Measuring Curves of Dynamic Magnetization in Samples of Electric Steels in Rotating Magnetic Fields
Instrumentation for Testing Pipelines and Vessels
Magnetic and Magnetoluminescent Materials for Magnetic-Powder Tests on Russia's Market
UFO-3-500 Portable Ultraviolet Source and Kit for Magnetoluminescent Testing
VD-89NP Eddy-Current Flaw Detector
Informative Properties of Spectral-Harmonic Models for Contactless Measurements of Physical and Mechanical Characteristics of Materials
Broadband Matching of a Capacitive Transducer to a Load
Study of Growth of Fatigue Cracks in Metallic Samples Using Methods of Acoustic Emission and Strain Measurement
Analysis of Kinetics of Microcracking in Aluminum Alloys by the Method of Acoustic Emission