Acoustics of the Annular Space of Producing and Injection Wells
Simulation of Operation of Dry Point Contact Probes in the Emission Regime
Analysis of Natural Vibrations of Round Flexing Membrane-Type Piezoelectric Transducers with an Arbitrary Dimension Ratio
Ultrasonic Measuring Facility. Detector of Acoustic Signals
Robust Method of Experimental Data Processing
The Most Interesting Papers Devoted to Ultrasonic Testing on the Eighth European Conference
On Possibility of Nondestructive Testing of the Grain Size in the Intermediate Stages of Manufacturing Electrical Steel
Numerical Simulation of the Magnetic State of a Ferromagnet Located in a Nonuniform Stationary Magnetic Field Using the Three-Dimensional Integral Equation Method : I. Description of the Calculation Method
Improving the Accuracy of Nondestructive Electromagnetic Method of Determining the Strength of Composite Dielectric Materials