Achievements in Ultrasonic Inspection (from Materials of the 16th International Conference)
Estimation of a Bottom Echo-Signal Level Reflected from a Plane Surface of a Cylindrical Article Using a Normal Probe Operating in a Pulsed Mode
Use of Spectral-Correlation Analysis in Acoustic-Emission Inspection of Pig Launchers-Receivers of Oil Main Pipelines
The Field of a Finite Defect in a 3D Semispace
The Magnetizing System of an In-Tube Flaw Detector with Transverse Magnetization
Inspection of the Strength Characteristics and Heat-Treatment Quality of Ferromagnetic Articles According to Parameters of the Residual-Magnetization Hysteresis Loop during Their Local Magnetization and Magnetization Reversal in a Pulsed Magnetic Field with a Variable Amplitude
An Electromagnetic Transducer for Simultaneous Measurements of the Thickness of a Metal and a Nonmagnetic Coating
Possibilities of Using Sources of Neutron Radiation for Radiation Testing of Dikes of Trunk Pipelines
A Nondestructive Technique for Local Measurement of Dielectric Loss in Substrates of Integrated Circuits at Microwaves
The Influence of the Silicone Carbide Content and Type on the Microstructure and the Flaw Level of Silica Ceramics