Effect of Phytohormone Biosynthesis Genes (ipt and iaaM + iaaH) on the Sexual Reproduction of Transgenic Tobacco Plants

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Transformation of Nicotiana silvestris Spegar et Comes plants by the ipt or iaaM + iaaH genes changed the hormonal status of plant reproductive organs. The total content of cytokinins and ABA increased, whereas IAA content in the pistils and anthers of the ipt-plants did not change. Reduced fertility of the ipt plants correlated with an elevated cytokinin and ABA contents of their reproductive organs. Pollen tubes of these plants showed defective growth in pistils in situ, and ovaries manifested a low metabolic activity. The transgenic (iaaM + iaaH)-plants were characterized by an elevated IAA content and reduced ABA content, whereas the total content of cytokinins did not change. The fertility of these plants did not differ from that in the wild type.

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