Flowering of Cultivated Green and SAN 9789-Treated Chenopodium rubrum Plants Exposed to White, Blue, and Red Light

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Green plants and plants devoid of photosynthetic pigments were compared with regard to their ability to flower under various growth conditions. Green plants of Chenopodium rubrum L. and plants treated with norflurazon SANDOZ-9789 (SAN) were grown on sucrose-containing media with or without hormones (GA3, BA, IAA, ABA) under short-day photoperiodic or continuous illumination with white, blue, or red light. Green and SAN-treated albino plants produced flowers only under short-day conditions. The flowering of green plants was independent of the presence of sucrose and hormones in the medium as well as of the light quality. The albino plants produced flowers under white and blue light but did not flower in red light. The addition of GA3 or BA to the medium induced flowering of albino plants exposed to red light. The functional interaction of photoreceptors in the flowering control is discussed.

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