Regulatory Changes in the Intracellular pH and Cl Efflux at Early Stages of Pollen Grain Germination in vitro

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The regulatory role of intracellular pH changes and of transmembrane Cl transport in the activation of Nicotiana tabacum L. pollen grains at a stage preceding in vitro germination was studied. The acidification of the cytosol with propionic acid hindered the germination of pollen grains, whereas its alkalization by fusicoccin-stimulated H+-ATPase activity of plasma membranes sharply increased the germination frequency with respect to control values. The activation of pollen grains was accompanied by the Cl efflux. The blockage of Cl efflux with 1 mM ethacrynic acid significantly decreased the intracellular pH and fully inhibited germination. The results allow assumption that the intracellular pH rise and Cl efflux are prerequisites for pollen grain activation.

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