Sugammadex Efficacy for Reversal of Rocuronium- and Vecuronium-Induced Neuromuscular Blockade: A Pooled Analysis of 26 Studies

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(Abstracted from J Clin Anesth, 41:84–91, 2017)The Food and Drug Administration–approved pharmaceutical product, sugammadex, rapidly and effectively reverses moderate and deep levels of rocuronium- or vecuronium-induced neuromuscular blockade (NMB) through a unique mechanism and is currently approved for use in more than 80 countries. This pooled analysis aimed to compare the efficacy of sugammadex with neostigmine or placebo for reversal of the effects of rocuronium- or vecuronium-induced blockade and to illustrate consistency of results with sugammadex across the various patient populations.

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