Host Responses and Antigens Involved in Protective Immunity toMycobacterium tuberculosis
Endogenous Adenosine Curtails Lipopolysaccharide-Stimulated Tumour Necrosis Factor Synthesis
Expression of the Mouse Interleukin-2 Receptor Gamma Chain in Insect Cells Using a Baculovirus Expression Vector—Comparison with the Human Common Gamma Chain
The Stability of Lymphocytic β1,4-Galactosyltransferase Expression During Pregnancy and Lactation
Distribution of Monoclonal Antibodies in Intestinal and Urogenital Secretions of Mice Bearing Hybridoma `Backpack' Tumours
Structure of the Mouse Serum Amyloid A 5 (Saa5) Gene: Relationship to Other Members of the Serum Amyloid A Family
CD4 Dependence of Activation Threshold and TCR Signalling in Mouse T Lymphocytes
Peyer's Patches in Murine AIDS: Dissociation Between Lymphoproliferation and Anergy
Interleukin-7 (IL-7) in Colorectal Cancer: IL-7 is Produced by Tissues from Colorectal Cancer and Promotes Preferential Expansion of Tumour Infiltrating Lymphocytes
Molecular Modelling of HLA-DQ Suggests a Mechanism of Resistance in Type 1 Diabetes
IL-4 Synergizes with IL-10 and Anti-CD40 MoAbs to Induce B-Cell Differentiation in Patients with Common Variable Immunodeficiency
CD44 Expression by Leucocytes in Rheumatoid Arthritis and Modulation by Specific Antibody: Implications for Lymphocyte Adhesion to Endothelial Cells and Synoviocytes In Vitro
Contrary Roles of IL-4 and IL-12 on IL-10 Production and Proliferation of Human Tumour Reactive T Cells
Reduced Expression of the Interferon-Gamma Messenger RNA in IgG2 Deficiency