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An overview of technical considerations for Western blotting applications to physiological research
Effects of muscle activation on shear between human soleus and gastrocnemius muscles
Heavy‐resistance exercise‐induced increases in jump performance are not explained by changes in neuromuscular function
How 100‐m event analyses improve our understanding of world‐class men's and women's sprint performance
Heat‐acclimatization and pre‐cooling
Extracellular and cellular Hsp72 differ as biomarkers in acute exercise/environmental stress and recovery
Muscle and tendon adaptation in adolescent athletes
Association of sedentary time and physical activity with pain, fatigue, and impact of fibromyalgia
Upper extremity injuries in Danish children aged 6–12, mechanisms, and risk factors
Effects of hamstring stretching on passive muscle stiffness vary between hip flexion and knee extension maneuvers
Prevalence and severity of hip and groin pain in sub‐elite male football
Symptoms, diagnoses, and sporting consequences among athletes referred to a Danish sports cardiology clinic
The influence of motivation and attentional style on affective, cognitive, and behavioral outcomes of an exercise class