Oral health status of people living with HIV/AIDS attending a specialized service in Brazil

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Verify factors that influence the oral health status of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) in Brazil.

Method and materials

The study was cross-sectional and includes 177 HIV-positive individuals, who answered questionnaire on the sociodemographic conditions, HIV aspects, habits, and satisfaction with the service. The oral health data were collected by means of the decayed, missing, and filled teeth (DMFT) index, use and need of dentures, and the Community Periodontal Index.


Average number of the DMFT was 17.64. Most HIV-positive patients presented good periodontal status, 35.0% used dentures, 41.5% needed denture in the maxilla, and 62.0% in the mandible. In the multivariate analysis, older age and dissatisfaction with health care were associated with nonuse of dentures. The abandonment of the use of antiretroviral therapy increased the risk of PLWHA presenting more than three decayed teeth.


Poor oral health of the PLWHA was mainly influenced by sociodemographic factors and use and satisfaction with service.

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