High-T sub c Molecular-Based Magnets: Ferrimagnetic Mixed-Valence Chromium(III)-Chromium(II) Cyanides with T sub c at 240 and 190 Kelvin

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Molecular-based magnets with high magnetic-ordering temperatures, Tc, can be obtained by mild chemistry methods by focusing on the bimetallic and mixed-valence transition metal "mu"-cyanide of the Prussian blue family. A simple orbital model was used to predict the electronic structure of the metal ions required to achieve a high ordering temperature. The synthesis and magnetic properties of two compounds, [Cr5 (CN)12]"center dot"10H2 O and Cs0.75 [Cr2.125 (CN)6]"center dot"5H2 O, which exhibited magnetic-ordering temperatures of 240 and 190 kelvin, respectively, are reported, together with the strategy for further work.

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