Cotranscriptional Role forArabidopsisDICER-LIKE 4 in Transcription Termination

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Transcription termination is emerging as an important component of gene regulation necessary to partition the genome and minimize transcriptional interference. We have discovered a role for the Arabidopsis RNA silencing enzyme DICER-LIKE 4 (DCL4) in transcription termination of an endogenous Arabidopsis gene, FCA. DCL4 directly associates with FCA chromatin in the 3′ region and promotes cleavage of the nascent transcript in a domain downstream of the canonical polyA site. In a dcl4 mutant, the resulting transcriptional read-through triggers an RNA interference-mediated gene silencing of a transgene containing the same 3′ region. We conclude that DCL4 promotes transcription termination of the Arabidopsis FCA gene, reducing the amount of aberrant RNA produced from the locus.

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