Probing Solid Catalysts Under Operating Conditions
Kinematics of the Asal Rift (Djibouti) Determined from the Deformation of Fieale Volcano
Magnetism from the Atom to the Bulk in Iron, Cobalt, and Nickel Clusters
All-Polymer Field-Effect Transistor Realized by Printing Techniques
The Unidentified Interstellar Infrared Bands : PAHs as Carriers?
X-ray Variability in the Hot Supergiant zeta Orionis
Stabilization of Atomic Hydrogen in Both Solution and Crystal at Room Temperature
Stern-Volmer in Reverse : 2
Nanosecond Dynamics of the R right arrow T Transition in Hemoglobin : Ultraviolet Raman Studies
iaglu, a Gene from Zea mays Involved in Conjugation of Growth Hormone Indole-3-Acetic Acid
An Interleukin-4-Induced Transcription Factor : IL-4 Stat
Regulation of Alternative Splicing in Vivo by Overexpression of Antagonistic Splicing Factors
Coaxially Stacked RNA Helices in the Catalytic Center of the Tetrahymena Ribozyme
Binding of 14-3-3 Proteins to the Protein Kinase Raf and Effects on Its Activation
Stimulatory Effects of Yeast and Mammalian 14-3-3 Proteins on the Raf Protein Kinase
Molecular Evidence That the Myxozoan Protists Are Metazoans
Inhibitory CA1-CA3-Hilar Region Feedback in the Hippocampus
Molecular Determinants of State-Dependent Block of Napositive Channels by Local Anesthetics
Role of a Conserved Retinoic Acid Response Element in Rhombomere Restriction of Hoxb-1
Control of Thalamocortical Afferent Rearrangement by Postsynaptic Activity in Developing Visual Cortex