Muscular Dystrophies : Diseases of the Dystrophin-Glycoprotein Complex
Cracking the Neuronal Code
Development and Plasticity of Cortical Processing Architectures
The Brain's Visual World : Representation of Visual Targets in Cerebral Cortex
Functional Brain Imaging Studies of Cortical Mechanisms for Memory
Photoluminescence from Porous Silicon by Infrared Multiphoton Excitation
Carbon Dioxide Uptake by an Undisturbed Tropical Rain Forest in Southwest Amazonia, 1992 to 1993
Dynamic Contribution to Hemispheric Mean Temperature Trends
On the Origins of Spontaneous Polarization in Tilted Smectic Liquid Crystals
Imaging the Electron Density in the Highest Occupied Molecular Orbital of Glycine
Aberrant Subcellular Localization of BRCA1 in Breast Cancer
Orphanin FQ : A Neuropeptide That Activates an Opioidlike G Protein-Coupled Receptor
Defects in B Lymphocyte Maturation and T Lymphocyte Activation in Mice Lacking Jak3
Mutation of Jak3 in a Patient with SCID : Essential Role of Jak3 in Lymphoid Development
Defective Lymphoid Development in Mice Lacking Jak3
Superior Parietal Cortex Activation During Spatial Attention Shifts and Visual Feature Conjunction
Positional Cloning and Sequence Analysis of the Drosophila Clock Gene, timeless
Rhythmic Expression of timeless : A Basis for Promoting Circadian Cycles in period Gene Autoregulation
Isolation of timeless by PER Protein Interaction : Defective Interaction Between timeless Protein and Long-Period Mutant PERL
Participation of the Human beta-Globin Locus Control Region in Initiation of DNA Replication
Mutations in the Dystrophin-Associated Protein gamma-Sarcoglycan in Chromosome 13 Muscular Dystrophy