Technology, Experimentation, and the Quality of Survey Data
Get A Life
Knowledge from the Flies
Xenon's Inside Story
The Era of Pathway Quantification
Scanning with Ease Through the Far Infrared
Biodemographic Trajectories of Longevity
Adolescent Sexual Behavior, Drug Use, and Violence : Increased Reporting with Computer Survey Technology
A 100,000-Year Periodicity in the Accretion Rate of Interplanetary Dust
Plutonium-Fission Xenon Found in Earth's Mantle
Reaction Sequence of Iron Sulfide Minerals in Bacteria and Their Use as Biomarkers
Clams As Recorders of Ocean Ridge Volcanism and Hydrothermal Vent Field Activity
Pressure-Induced Amorphization and Negative Thermal Expansion in ZrW (2) O8
Self-Trapping of Dark Incoherent Light Beams
Ultrathin Films of a Polyelectrolyte with Layered Architecture
The Biochemical Basis of an All-or-None Cell Fate Switch in Xenopus Oocytes
Role of Rac1 and Oxygen Radicals in Collagenase-1 Expression Induced by Cell Shape Change
Modular Organization of Cognitive Systems Masked by Interhemispheric Integration
Thymocyte Development in the Absence of Pre-T Cell Receptor Extracellular Immunoglobulin Domains
Replication Checkpoint Enforced by Kinases Cds1 and Chk1
Chaos, Persistence, and Evolution of Strain Structure in Antigenically Diverse Infectious Agents
Identification of Non-Heme Diiron Proteins That Catalyze Triple Bond and Epoxy Group Formation
A Role for the AKT1 Potassium Channel in Plant Nutrition
Knowing Where and Getting There : A Human Navigation Network