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Genomic and Genetic Definition of a Functional Human Centromere
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Constraint to Adaptive Evolution in Response to Global Warming
Direct Interaction of Arabidopsis Cryptochromes with COP1 in Light Control Development
Conversion of a Peroxiredoxin into a Disulfide Reductase by a Triplet Repeat Expansion
Success and Virulence in Toxoplasma as the Result of Sexual Recombination Between Two Distinct Ancestries
Uniform Binding of Aminoacyl-tRNAs to Elongation Factor Tu by Thermodynamic Compensation
An Apolipoprotein Influencing Triglycerides in Humans and Mice Revealed by Comparative Sequencing
Phosphorylation-Dependent Ubiquitination of Cyclin E by the SCFFbw7 Ubiquitin Ligase
Prevention of Scrapie Pathogenesis by Transgenic Expression of Anti-Prion Protein Antibodies