A New "Industrial Ecology"
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Osmium Remembers
The Elusive Liquid-Solid Interface
Successes and Challenges
Proteasome Parts at Gene Promoters
T Before NK
When the Host Is Smarter Than the Parasite
How Accurate Are Climate Simulations?
Seismic Anisotropy: Tracing Plate Dynamics in the Mantle
Allergy, Parasites, and the Hygiene Hypothesis
Murine Leukemia Induced by Retroviral Gene Marking
Solution of a 20-Variable 3-SAT Problem on a DNA Computer
Multicolor and Electron Microscopic Imaging of Connexin Trafficking
Ordering in a Fluid Inert Gas Confined by Flat Surfaces
External Reflection from Omnidirectional Dielectric Mirror Fibers
Superplumes from the Core-Mantle Boundary to the Lithosphere: Implications for Heat Flux
Evidence for an Ancient Osmium Isotopic Reservoir in Earth
Ultrapermeable, Reverse-Selective Nanocomposite Membranes
The Cause of Carbon Isotope Minimum Events on Glacial Terminations
Control of the Selectivity of the Aquaporin Water Channel Family by Global Orientational Tuning
DNA Repair Pathway Stimulated by the Forkhead Transcription Factor FOXO3a Through the Gadd45 Protein
Local Actin Polymerization and Dynamin Recruitment in SV40-Induced Internalization of Caveolae
Role of Prostacyclin in the Cardiovascular Response to Thromboxane A2
Optical Projection Tomography as a Tool for 3D Microscopy and Gene Expression Studies
Divergent Regulation of Dihydrofolate Reductase Between Malaria Parasite and Human Host
Recruitment of a 19S Proteasome Subcomplex to an Activated Promoter
A System for Stable Expression of Short Interfering RNAs in Mammalian Cells
A Thymic Precursor to the NK T Cell Lineage