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Neuronal Activity in the Lateral Intraparietal Area and Spatial Attention
Dependence of Upper Critical Field and Pairing Strength on Doping in Cuprates
Three-Dimensional Mapping of Dislocation Avalanches: Clustering and Space/Time Coupling
Phengite-Based Chronology of K- and Ba-Rich Fluid Flow in Two Paleosubduction Zones
Isolation and Structure of Higher Diamondoids, Nanometer-Sized Diamond Molecules
Holocene Deglaciation of Marie Byrd Land, West Antarctica
Orangutan Cultures and the Evolution of Material Culture
Single-Gene Greenbeard Effects in the Social Amoeba Dictyostelium discoideum
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Long-Distance Signaling in Nodulation Directed by a CLAVATA1-Like Receptor Kinase
Modulation of ATP-Dependent Chromatin-Remodeling Complexes by Inositol Polyphosphates
Regulation of Chromatin Remodeling by Inositol Polyphosphates
Pregnancy-Stimulated Neurogenesis in the Adult Female Forebrain Mediated by Prolactin
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