The Making of an Icon
Defining Genes in the Genomics Era
A Liquid Core for Mars?
Hexokinase, Jack-of-All-Trades
CD8 T Cells Remember with a Little Help
An Isotopic View of the Early Solar System
Chromosomal Speciation in Primates
Muscles Made from Metal
A Fossil Record of Galaxy Encounters
Molecular Correlates of Primate Nuclear Transfer Failures
Fluid Core Size of Mars from Detection of the Solar Tide
Band Structure and Fermi Surface of Electron-Doped C60 Monolayers
Enhanced Upper Tropical Tropospheric COS: Impact on the Stratospheric Aerosol Layer
Near-Perfect Elastoplasticity in Pure Nanocrystalline Copper
Charge-Induced Reversible Strain in a Metal
14C Dates from Tel Rehov: Iron-Age Chronology, Pharaohs, and Hebrew Kings
Early Origin and Recent Expansion of Plasmodium falciparum
Chromosomal Speciation and Molecular Divergence-Accelerated Evolution in Rearranged Chromosomes
Origin of the Superflock of Cichlid Fishes from Lake Victoria, East Africa
LRP: Role in Vascular Wall Integrity and Protection from Atherosclerosis
Role of the Arabidopsis Glucose Sensor HXK1 in Nutrient, Light, and Hormonal Signaling
Requirement for CD4 T Cell Help in Generating Functional CD8 T Cell Memory
Defective CD8 T Cell Memory Following Acute Infection Without CD4 T Cell Help
Polyubiquitination of p53 by a Ubiquitin Ligase Activity of p300