The NIH Roadmap
Stout Guards of the Central Nervous System
Driving the Electron Over the Edge
How to Assemble a Molecular Junction
Toward Vibrational Mode Control in Catalysis
Hormones and the Green Revolution
Genes Record a Prehistoric Volcano Eruption in the Galápagos
Visualization and Spectroscopy of a Metal-Molecule-Metal Bridge
Loss of an MDR Transporter in Compact Stalks of Maize br2 and Sorghum dw3 Mutants
CB1 Cannabinoid Receptors and On-Demand Defense Against Excitotoxicity
Universality and Critical Behavior at the Mott Transition
The Anomalous Hall Effect and Magnetic Monopoles in Momentum Space
Coherent Soft X-ray Generation in the Water Window with Quasi-Phase Matching
Vibrational Mode-Specific Reaction of Methane on a Nickel Surface
Identification of a Plant Nitric Oxide Synthase Gene Involved in Hormonal Signaling
Talin Binding to Integrin β Tails: A Final Common Step in Integrin Activation
Self-Assembly of Proteins into Designed Networks
Untangling Desmosomal Knots with Electron Tomography
Wild-Type Nonneuronal Cells Extend Survival of SOD1 Mutant Motor Neurons in ALS Mice
Thalamic Control of Visceral Nociception Mediated by T-Type Ca2+ Channels
Performance Monitoring by the Anterior Cingulate Cortex During Saccade Countermanding