Washington, D.C. 1: House Passes Helium Bill
Washington, D.C., and Seoul 2: Extension of Nuclear Deal Disappoints Scientists
Bethesda, Maryland 3: HIV Vaccine Study Meets Premature End
Ontario, Canada 4: Experimental Lakes Get Lifeline
Brussels 5: Controversial Pesticide Ban Goes Forward
Priština 6: Reconciliation With Serbia Opens Research Doors
Obama Wishes Happy 150th to U.S. National Academy of Sciences
London 7: New Libel Law for England And Wales
NEWSMAKERS: Tropical Medicine Researcher To Lead Wellcome Trust
FINDINGS: New Liver Hormone To Treat Diabetes?
Will ‘Volcanic Winter’ Debate Now Cool Down?
Gene Swap Helps Bird Flu Spread Between Mammals
Random Sample
U.S. SCIENCE POLICY: Bill Would Set New Rules For Choosing NSF Grants
PRIMATE STUDIES: Research in Limbo as Harvard Moves to Close Center
NEWSMAKER INTERVIEW: Bill and Melinda Gates Talk Science
SCIENCE DEBATE: Scientists Clash Swords Over Future Of GM Food Crops in India
CLIMATE CHANGE: Hansen's Retirement From NASA Spurs Look at His Legacy
Mr. Borucki's Lonely Road to the Light
Taking the Pulse of a Ravaged Ocean
The Pacific Swallows Fukushima's Fallout
Thinking, Broad and Deep
People Have Been Faking It for Years
Global Research Integrity Training
Recombinatorial Logic
Seeing Gravitational Waves
Tracking Marine Pollution
Silencing a Metabolic Oncogene
Unconventional Secretion, Unconventional Solutions
Obey the Peptide Assembly Rules
BIOCHEMISTRY: As Good as Chocolate
INTRODUCTION: Alien Worlds Galore
REVIEW: Observed Properties of Extrasolar Planets
REVIEW: Exoplanet Habitability
Emergence and Frustration of Magnetism with Variable-Range Interactions in a Quantum Simulator
Kepler-62: A Five-Planet System with Planets of 1.4 and 1.6 Earth Radii in the Habitable Zone
Complex N-Heterocycle Synthesis via Iron-Catalyzed, Direct C-H Bond Amination
Self-Assembling Cages from Coiled-Coil Peptide Modules
Amplifying Genetic Logic Gates
Controlled Flight of a Biologically Inspired, Insect-Scale Robot
3D Reconstruction of the Source and Scale of Buried Young Flood Channels on Mars
Structural Basis for Molecular Recognition at Serotonin Receptors
Structural Features for Functional Selectivity at Serotonin Receptors
R-Loop Stabilization Represses Antisense Transcription at the Arabidopsis FLC Locus
Targeted Inhibition of Mutant IDH2 in Leukemia Cells Induces Cellular Differentiation
An Inhibitor of Mutant IDH1 Delays Growth and Promotes Differentiation of Glioma Cells
Disparate Individual Fates Compose Robust CD8+ T Cell Immunity
Heterogeneous Differentiation Patterns of Individual CD8+ T Cells
Neural Decoding of Visual Imagery During Sleep