Rotterdam, the Netherlands 1: Virologist Appeals Decision On H5N1 Export Rules
Amman 2: Banana Disease Reaches Jordan
Washington, D.C. 3: Report Finds Research Gaps On Youth Concussion in Sports
London 4: Personal Genome Projects Spread to Europe
Brussels 5: E.U. Parliament Approves Some Deep-Sea Fisheries Restrictions
New Delhi 6: India Launches Mars Orbiter
Elephants Haunted by Mass Killings
FINDINGS: More Incoming!
Early Music Lessons Reduce Hearing Loss
Random Sample: Whose Brain Is It Anyway?
INFECTIOUS DISEASE: Israel's Silent Polio Epidemic Breaks All the Rules
INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: California Moves Shake Up Prenatal Gene Testing Market
PLANETARY SCIENCE: Orbiting MAVEN Mission Set to Trace A Planet's History in Thin Martian Air
SCIENCE AND THE MILITARY: Soldier-Scientists Join Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan
PALEONTOLOGY: The Ears Have It: First Snakes Were Burrowers, Not Swimmers
Has Program to Rotate Scientists At NSF Spun Out of Control?
The Forgotten Malaria
Malaria as Lifesaving Therapy
BEHAVIOR: The Serious Business of Play
FILM: SPACE: The Joy and Fear in Space Exploration
CLIMATE CHANGE: Hell and High Water: Practice-Relevant Adaptation Science
CANCER: Fusion for Moving
DEVELOPMENT: A Stem Cell Perspective on Cellular Engineering
PHYSICS: Quantum Mechanics Tackles Mechanics
PHYSICS: Cold-Atom Thermoelectrics
GENETICS: Genetics Driving Epigenetics
Epithelial Plasticity: A Common Theme in Embryonic and Cancer Cells
Architecture of an RNA Polymerase II Transcription Pre-Initiation Complex
Entangling Mechanical Motion with Microwave Fields
A Thermoelectric Heat Engine with Ultracold Atoms
Visualization and Quantification of Electrochemical and Mechanical Degradation in Li Ion Batteries
The Role of Surface Oxygen in the Growth of Large Single-Crystal Graphene on Copper
Asymmetric Distribution of Lunar Impact Basins Caused by Variations in Target Properties
TH17 Cell Differentiation Is Regulated by the Circadian Clock
High-Resolution Mapping of the Spatial Organization of a Bacterial Chromosome
Mitochondrial Fusion Directs Cardiomyocyte Differentiation via Calcineurin and Notch Signaling
The Hippo Signaling Pathway Interactome
High-Speed Force Spectroscopy Unfolds Titin at the Velocity of Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Coordinated Effects of Sequence Variation on DNA Binding, Chromatin Structure, and Transcription
Identification of Genetic Variants That Affect Histone Modifications in Human Cells
Extensive Variation in Chromatin States Across Humans