Munster, Indiana 1: MERS Reaches United States
Geneva, Switzerland 2: WHO: Polio an International Emergency
London 3: Ax for Animal Research ‘Secrecy Clause’?
Los Angeles, California 4: UCLA Returns Sterling Foundation Gift
Washington, D.C. 5: Climate Change Impacts Widespread in U.S.
Geneva, Switzerland 6: Drug Resistance Overview Paints Grim Picture
Georgia 7: New Orthopoxvirus Discovered
Nosing Out a Long-Snouted Tyrannosaur
Tokyo 8: RIKEN Pushes For Plagiarism Checks
NIH Disease Funding Scrutinized
Biotech Industry Vet Tapped To Head Stem Cell Institute
FINDINGS: Stellar Explosion Illuminates Cosmic Dark Ages
Polar Bear Evolution— Fast and Furious
Random Sample: Wanted: A Bug Spit Robot
SCIENTIFIC INTEGRITY: Fresh Misconduct Charges Hit Dutch Social Psychology
ARCHAEOLOGY: New Sites Bring the Earliest Americans Out of the Shadows
GLOBAL CHANGE: ‘Sea Butterflies’ Are a Canary for Ocean Acidification
AGING: ‘Rejuvenation Factor’ in Blood Turns Back the Clock in Old Mice
SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY: Designer Microbes Expand Life's Genetic Alphabet
Maritime Ambitions
FILM: ENVIRONMENT: Beauty, Challenges, Ingenuity, and Horrors
SCIENCE EDUCATION: Convergence Between Science and Environmental Education
ASTRONOMY: Next Steps for Cosmology
AIDS/HIV: Host Controls of HIV Neutralizing Antibodies
BIOCHEMISTRY: Trigger Factor Flexibility
MATERIALS SCIENCE: An Internal Cure for Damaged Polymers
PSYCHOLOGY: Rice, Psychology, and Innovation
NEUROSCIENCE: A Price to Pay for Adult Neurogenesis
Sound Strategies for Hearing Restoration
Structural Basis for Protein Antiaggregation Activity of the Trigger Factor Chaperone
Hippocampal Neurogenesis Regulates Forgetting During Adulthood and Infancy
Large-Scale Psychological Differences Within China Explained by Rice Versus Wheat Agriculture
Fermi Surface and Pseudogap Evolution in a Cuprate Superconductor
Simultaneous Transitions in Cuprate Momentum-Space Topology and Electronic Symmetry Breaking
Direct, Nonoxidative Conversion of Methane to Ethylene, Aromatics, and Hydrogen
Restoration of Large Damage Volumes in Polymers
In Situ TEM Observation of a Microcrucible Mechanism of Nanowire Growth
Spatially Distributed Local Fields in the Hippocampus Encode Rat Position
Vascular and Neurogenic Rejuvenation of the Aging Mouse Brain by Young Systemic Factors
Identification of LRRC8 Heteromers as an Essential Component of the Volume-Regulated Anion Channel VRAC
Gibberellin Acts Positively Then Negatively to Control Onset of Flower Formation in Arabidopsis
Cancer Immunotherapy Based on Mutation-Specific CD4+ T Cells in a Patient with Epithelial Cancer
The Transcription Factor Gata6 Links Tissue Macrophage Phenotype and Proliferative Renewal
Restoring Systemic GDF11 Levels Reverses Age-Related Dysfunction in Mouse Skeletal Muscle