IN BRIEF: Price hike for brain initiative
AROUND THE WORLD: Stem cell patent case thrown out
Female scientists are awesome
Venus Express taps the brakes
Germany bows out of giant array
RANDOM SAMPLE: Mummies, (virtually) unwrapped
An ichthyosaur graveyard
Schmidt to head climate lab
REMOTE SENSING: Carbon-mapping satellite will monitor plants' faint glow
INFECTIOUS DISEASES: Polio eradicators struggle to prevent the next outbreak
GENETICS: Racing for disaster?
CELL BIOLOGY: STAP cells succumb to pressure
PALEONTOLOGY: Dinosaur metabolism neither hot nor cold, but just right
SOUTH AMERICA: Legal highs make Uruguay a beacon for marijuana research
Mission to MERS
A touch of the random
QUANTUM MECHANICS: The quantum nondemolition derby
MOLECULAR BIOLOGY: Molecular basis of transcription pausing
OCEANS: A salty start to modern ocean circulation
EPIDEMIOLOGY: It helps to be well connected
PUBLIC HEALTH: Measuring the path toward malaria elimination
RETROSPECTIVE: Gary Becker (1930–2014)
EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENT: Enriching macroevolution
PALEOCEANOGRAPHY: The when of Mediterranean water outflow
NEURONAL REPAIR: Improving stroke recovery by timing treatment
DINOSAUR PHYSIOLOGY: Not too fast, not too slow, somewhere in between
NONHUMAN GENETICS: Male chimps evolve faster with age
QUANTUM GASES: Tilting just right makes atoms tunnel
CANCER IMAGING: Taking a broader view of cancer imaging
EARTH'S INTERIOR: Cycling water through the transition zone
CANCER METASTASIS: Copper for breast cancer metastasis
NEUROSCIENCE: Making excitatory synapses slow (or fast)
NEUROLOGICAL DISEASE: Skin may hold the key for Parkinson's
EDUCATION: Active learning: The twilight of Chem 101?
CELL METABOLISM: “Tricking” the body to burn calories
RARE GENETIC DISEASES: A role for Mom's genes in Prader-Willi syndrome
ECONOMICS: Expertise: Sometimes blinding and costly
ASTROPHYSICS: One shot for stardom and a clean sweep
BIOFILMS: Broad-spectrum bug biofilm buster
STEM CELL PLASTICITY: Plasticity of epithelial stem cells in tissue regeneration
PALEOCEANOGRAPHY: Onset of Mediterranean outflow into the North Atlantic
NEURONAL REPAIR: Asynchronous therapy restores motor control by rewiring of the rat corticospinal tract after stroke
QUANTUM NONLOCALITY: Detecting nonlocality in many-body quantum states
QUANTUM GASES: Observation of many-body dynamics in long-range tunneling after a quantum quench
QUANTUM MECHANICS: Mechanically detecting and avoiding the quantum fluctuations of a microwave field
EARTH'S INTERIOR: Dehydration melting at the top of the lower mantle
DINOSAUR PHYSIOLOGY: Evidence for mesothermy in dinosaurs
NONHUMAN GENETICS: Strong male bias drives germline mutation in chimpanzees
NEURAL MIGRATION: Structures of netrin-1 bound to two receptors provide insight into its axon guidance mechanism
HUMAN GENETICS: The genetics of Mexico recapitulates Native American substructure and affects biomedical traits
TRANSCRIPTION: Interactions between RNA polymerase and the “core recognition element” counteract pausing
DISEASE ECOLOGY: Ecological and evolutionary effects of fragmentation on infectious disease dynamics
COMPARATIVE BEHAVIOR: Anxiety-like behavior in crayfish is controlled by serotonin
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An Explosion of Bioinformatics Careers
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