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SCIENTIFIC INTEGRITY: Survey fraud test sparks battle
PLANETARY SCIENCE: Scientists to drill into dinosaur-killing blast
SCIENTIFIC WORKFORCE: NSF makes a new bid to boost diversity
RESEARCH INTEGRITY: Liberating field science samples and data
PHYSICS: Electrons go with the flow in exotic material systems
NEUROSCIENCE: Wiring the altruistic brain
GENETICS: A copy-and-paste gene regulatory network
CHEMISTRY: Surprised by selectivity
IMMUNOLOGY: An RNA twist to TH17 cells
BIG DATA: The future of memory
HISTORY OF SCIENCE: Risky business
Seeing the grasslands through the trees
Government: Plan for ecosystem services
TECHNICAL COMMENT ABSTRACTS: Comment on “Estimating the reproducibility of psychological science”
Response to Comment on “Estimating the reproducibility of psychological science”
ELECTRON TRANSPORT: Electrons that flow like a fluid
SUPERCONDUCTIVITY: Resolving the thermoelectric paradox
EBOLA VIRUS: Profiling the antibody response to Ebola
IMMUNOLOGY: Diversity reigns in antibody responses
GENE EXPRESSION: Doubling DNA but not expression
CELL BIOLOGY: Separating dividing cells into two
CATALYSIS: Small olefins from syngas
HUMAN ALTRUISM: Brain activity shows underlying motives
FLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS: Make it stretch, make it glow
PLASTIC POLLUTION: Earthworms on a microplastics diet
MICROBIOTA: For health, microbial location matters
TROPHIC CASCADES: Innocent until proven guilty
PALEOANTHROPOLOGY: Modeling Neandertal extinction
ONCOGENE SIGNALING: KRAS gets the silencing treatment
GEOPHYSICS: Forecasting cascading fault rupture
SOLAR CELL MATERIALS: Dropping lead from perovskites
NEURAL COMPUTATION: Spiking neurons can discover predictive features by aggregate-label learning
CANCER BIOLOGY: Activation of PKA leads to mesenchymal-to-epithelial transition and loss of tumor-initiating ability
STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY: Cryo-EM structure of a native, fully glycosylated, cleaved HIV-1 envelope trimer
IMMUNOLOGY: Visualizing antibody affinity maturation in germinal centers
ELECTRON TRANSPORT: Negative local resistance caused by viscous electron backflow in graphene
ELECTRON TRANSPORT: Observation of the Dirac fluid and the breakdown of the Wiedemann-Franz law in graphene
ELECTRON TRANSPORT: Evidence for hydrodynamic electron flow in PdCoO2
CATALYSIS: Selective conversion of syngas to light olefins
QUANTUM COMPUTING: Realization of a scalable Shor algorithm
FLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS: Highly stretchable electroluminescent skin for optical signaling and tactile sensing
HUMAN ALTRUISM: The brain's functional network architecture reveals human motives
EBOLA VIRUS: Isolation of potent neutralizing antibodies from a survivor of the 2014 Ebola virus outbreak
IMMUNOGENOMICS: Regulatory evolution of innate immunity through co-option of endogenous retroviruses
GENE EXPRESSION: Expression homeostasis during DNA replication
TRANSCRIPTION: Multiplexed protein-DNA cross-linking: Scrunching in transcription start site selection
DNA REPAIR: Stochastic activation of a DNA damage response causes cell-to-cell mutation rate variation
Immunohistochemistry for the 21st Century
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