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ECOLOGY: Ecologically relevant data are policy-relevant data
IMMUNOLOGY: A lipid arsenal to control inflammation
ORIGIN OF LIFE: Beyond prebiotic chemistry
ASTRONOMY: Connecting the dots in magnetic reconnection
APPLIED OPTICS: Photonic multitasking enabled with geometric phase
DNA REPAIR: Drugging DNA repair
STATISTICS: Aligning statistical and scientific reasoning
NONHUMAN GENETICS: A dogged investigation of domestication
ECOTOXICOLOGY: Microplastic's triple threat
MEDICAL GENETICS: At risk by association
CELL REPROGRAMMING: Making cardiac cells from fibroblasts
GAS GIANT PLANETS: A radio view into Jupiter's atmosphere
BIOENERGY: Artificial photosynthesis steps up
CANCER METABOLISM: Basic principles of cancer metabolism
BIOCHEMISTRY: A nuclear power source in the cell
MAGNETISM: Orbitals and charge go their separate ways
PLANT SCIENCE: Salt-accumulating glands reveal metabolic complexity
EDUCATION: Inclusion in school gifted programs
EDUCATION: Mistakes as a pathway to learning
NEUROSCIENCE: Perception of dangerous animals
ROBOTICS: Do as I dance
CHEMICAL PHYSICS: A theoretical glance at CH5 + rotations
PROTEIN MISFOLDING: Disaggregating proteins ameliorate disease
EPIGENETICS: Epigenetic balance of gene expression by Polycomb and COMPASS families
PLASMA ASTROPHYSICS: Electron-scale measurements of magnetic reconnection in space
APPLIED OPTICS: Metalenses at visible wavelengths: Diffraction-limited focusing and subwavelength resolution imaging
WATER CHEMISTRY: Structure and torsional dynamics of the water octamer from THz laser spectroscopy near 215 μm
GAS GIANT PLANETS: Peering through Jupiter's clouds with radio spectral imaging
APPLIED OPTICS: Photonic spin-controlled multifunctional shared-aperture antenna array
MAGNETISM: Orbital-exchange and fractional quantum number excitations in an f-electron metal, Yb2Pt2Pb
BIOENERGY: Water splitting-biosynthetic system with CO2 reduction efficiencies exceeding photosynthesis
ECOTOXICOLOGY: Environmentally relevant concentrations of microplastic particles influence larval fish ecology
CELL REPROGRAMMING: Conversion of human fibroblasts into functional cardiomyocytes by small molecules
BIOCHEMISTRY: ADP-ribose-derived nuclear ATP synthesis by NUDIX5 is required for chromatin remodeling
RNA TRANSCRIPTION: TT-seq maps the human transient transcriptome
NONHUMAN GENETICS: Genomic and archaeological evidence suggests a dual origin of domestic dogs
INNATE IMMUNITY: An endogenous caspase-11 ligand elicits interleukin-1 release from living dendritic cells
Flying free before building my nest