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PHYSICS: Long-delayed nuclear center looks set for construction
ASTROPHYSICS: Titanic balloon sets record and tantalizes scientists
ECONOMIC GEOLOGY: Massive helium fields found in rift zone of Tanzania
ROBOTICS: Heartmaker's next step: a ray ‘biohybrid’
FUNDING: In Canada, peer-review changes stir outrage
PALEONTOLOGY: Learning to move on land
CHEMISTRY: Molecular sieves for gas separation
NETWORK ANALYSIS: Network analytics in the age of big data
ENGINEERING: Solar-powering the Internet of Things
GENOME ENGINEERING: The Genome Project-Write
PARASITOLOGY: Master manipulators
SEISMOLOGY: Aftershocks
CLIMATE CHANGE: No turning back?
STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY: Env's transmembrane domain revealed
CATALYSIS: Hot single-atom catalysts
PHYSIOLOGY: Sparking greater blood loss
IMMUNOTHERAPY: Engineering T cells to treat autoimmunity
PLANT SCIENCE: Location, location, S-acylation
BONE: Cartilage claims a permanent home
NEUROPHYSIOLOGY: Going with the flow
MICROBIOLOGY: A viral blight on ocean sunshine sugars
THERMAL MANAGEMENT: Silica surfaces send the heat away
NEUROBIOLOGY: Even more pain in opioid treatment
ORGANIC CHEMISTRY: Carboxylating stubborn alkyl chlorides
ANTIVIRAL IMMUNITY: Breathing life into the antiviral response
HUMAN GENETICS: Genetics of the great migration
QUANTUM OPTICS: How a particle gets its quantum kicks
REGENERATION: Asymmetric division of clonal muscle stem cells coordinates muscle regeneration in vivo
MICROPOROUS NETWORKS: A metal-organic framework-based splitter for separating propylene from propane
MICROPOROUS NETWORKS: Pore chemistry and size control in hybrid porous materials for acetylene capture from ethylene
ORGANIC CHEMISTRY: Copper-catalyzed asymmetric addition of olefin-derived nucleophiles to ketones
CATALYSIS: Thermally stable single-atom platinum-on-ceria catalysts via atom trapping
ANIMAL ROBOTICS: Tail use improves performance on soft substrates in models of early vertebrate land locomotors
ROBOTICS: Phototactic guidance of a tissue-engineered soft-robotic ray
NETWORK SCIENCE: Higher-order organization of complex networks
PLANT SCIENCE: S-Acylation of the cellulose synthase complex is essential for its plasma membrane localization
CLIMATE CHANGE: Climate-driven regime shift of a temperate marine ecosystem
STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY: Structural basis for membrane anchoring of HIV-1 envelope spike
NEUROPHYSIOLOGY: Cilia-based flow network in the brain ventricles
IMMUNOTHERAPY: Reengineering chimeric antigen receptor T cells for targeted therapy of autoimmune disease
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