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NEWSMAKERS: Bad papers claim hits U. of Tokyo
EARTH SCIENCE: The Subduction Zone Observatory takes shape
CANCER: Using DNA, radiation therapy gets personal
ARCHAEOLOGY: Neandertals made jewelry, proteins confirm
ASTRONOMY: Paired stars sculpt nebulae into fanciful shapes
HUMAN ORIGINS: Aborigines and Eurasians rode one migration wave
SCIENCE POLICY: China bets big on big facilities
INSTRUMENTATION: Gathering lots of data on a small budget
EVOLUTION: How conifers adapt to the cold
NEUROSCIENCE: Cool by neuronal decision
MATERIALS CHEMISTRY: How hybrid perovskites get their groove
CLIMATE CHANGE: From science to service
ARCTIC SCIENCE POLICY: Toward strategic, coherent, policy-relevant arctic science
PUBLIC HEALTH: Mind the (health) gap
NUCLEAR HISTORY: Strange bedfellows
CARBON CYCLE: Less storage sinks soil models
STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY: Keeping the spliceosome in check
FOREST ECOLOGY: Diversity in neotropical dry forests
EVOLUTION: G proteins diverge and conquer
GEOPHYSICS: Catching earthquakes from the sky
HOST TOLERANCE: Microbes teach tolerance in the gut
INFECTIOUS DISEASE: Cultured guts combat gastroenteritis
NANOMATERIALS: Rapidly reducing graphene oxide
CONVERGENT EVOLUTION: Genetic convergence to the extreme
DISEASE ECOLOGY: No touching, please
HOST RESPONSES: An appetite for tolerance
CELLULAR BIOCHEMISTRY: Activating chromatin by stretching
QUANTUM OPTICS: Toward quantum nanophotonics
FUTURE FAUNAS: Global change and tropical birds
MATERIALS SCIENCE: Stabilized dyes as dense glasses
ROBOTICS: Can you feel what I feel?
MATERIALS SCIENCE: Atomic electron tomography: 3D structures without crystals
YEAST GENETICS: A global genetic interaction network maps a wiring diagram of cellular function
RNA STRUCTURE: RNA G-quadruplexes are globally unfolded in eukaryotic cells and depleted in bacteria
FOREST ECOLOGY: Plant diversity patterns in neotropical dry forests and their conservation implications
INFECTIOUS DISEASE: Replication of human noroviruses in stem cell-derived human enteroids
NEUROSCIENCE: The TRPM2 channel is a hypothalamic heat sensor that limits fever and can drive hypothermia
STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY: Molecular architecture of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae activated spliceosome
GEOPHYSICS: Tomography reveals buoyant asthenosphere accumulating beneath the Juan de Fuca plate
SOLAR CELLS: Screening in crystalline liquids protects energetic carriers in hybrid perovskites
NANOMATERIALS: High-quality graphene via microwave reduction of solution-exfoliated graphene oxide
GEOPHYSICS: Surface uplift and time-dependent seismic hazard due to fluid injection in eastern Texas
CARBON CYCLE: Radiocarbon constraints imply reduced carbon uptake by soils during the 21st century
ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE: An unexpected disruption of the atmospheric quasi-biennial oscillation
ATMOSPHERIC OXYGEN: A Pleistocene ice core record of atmospheric O2 concentrations
CONVERGENT EVOLUTION: Convergent local adaptation to climate in distantly related conifers
HOST TOLERANCE: A secreted bacterial peptidoglycan hydrolase enhances tolerance to enteric pathogens
WORKING LIFE: Managing my fear of missing out