Great Barrier Reef sees worst coral die-off ever
AROUND THE WORLD: East Asia tops in math, science
Alzheimer's drug fails
HHS, education nominees named
NIH keeps postdoc stipend hike
More deaths in cancer trial
An ant's fate may be sealed with a kiss
CONSERVATION: Dam-building threatens Mekong fisheries
U.S. POLICY: Congress votes on sweeping biomedical bill
ASTRONOMY: Hubble uses galactic lens to study universe's first stars
INFECTIOUS DISEASE: One year later, Zika scientists prepare for a long war
NEUROSCIENCE: Energy pulses reveal possible new state of memory
ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL ECONOMICS: Reforming the U.S. coal leasing program
EPIDEMIOLOGY: As the bat flies
CHEMICAL PHYSICS: Spying on the neighbors' pool
ASTRONOMY: Galaxy formation through cosmic recycling
STEM CELLS: Metabolic cues for hematopoietic stem cells
IMMUNOLOGY: Can T cells be too exhausted to fight back?
PROTEIN SYNTHESIS: When stop makes sense
RETROSPECTIVE: Ralph J. Cicerone (1943-2016)
NEUROSCIENCE: The intelligent invertebrate
HEALTH AND MEDICINE: Arrested development
ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE: How new particles form
GALAXY FORMATION: A massive galaxy forming from molecular gas
CANCER: Running interference
TOPOLOGICAL MATTER: Shining light on a peculiar coupling
PAIN RESEARCH: Glial cells contribute to pain
STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY: Zika virus is fit to be tied
HEMATOPOIESIS: How to maintain hematopoietic stem cells
VACCINATION: Protecting by changing the code
OXIDATIVE STRESS: Overactive antiviral responses in lupus
INSECT GENOMICS: Acquiring the genes to digest wood
PLANT BIOLOGY: Targeting tip growth
CELL BIOLOGY: Getting an UPR hand on recovERy
HUMAN BIOLOGY: Neuron development in human embryos
ANIMAL DEVELOPMENT: Keeping tissue layers separate
ROBOTICS: Autonomously eat, digest, move, repeat
NEUROSCIENCE: Side effects for placebo poppers
INNATE IMMUNITY: Intracellular innate immune surveillance devices in plants and animals
RNA SPLICING: Crystal structures of a group II intron lariat primed for reverse splicing
ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE: Global atmospheric particle formation from CERN CLOUD measurements
TOPOLOGICAL MATTER: Quantized Faraday and Kerr rotation and axion electrodynamics of a 3D topological insulator
GALAXY FORMATION: Molecular gas in the halo fuels the growth of a massive cluster galaxy at high redshift
WATER CHEMISTRY: Spectroscopic snapshots of the proton-transfer mechanism in water
WORKING MEMORY: Reactivation of latent working memories with transcranial magnetic stimulation
NEUROSCIENCE: Selective modulation of cortical state during spatial attention
PAIN RESEARCH: Gliogenic LTP spreads widely in nociceptive pathways
STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY: Zika virus produces noncoding RNAs using a multi-pseudoknot structure that confounds a cellular exonuclease
HEMATOPOIESIS: Depleting dietary valine permits nonmyeloablative mouse hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
HEMATOPOIESIS: Self-renewal of a purified Tie2+ hematopoietic stem cell population relies on mitochondrial clearance
T CELL EXHAUSTION: Epigenetic stability of exhausted T cells limits durability of reinvigoration by PD-1 blockade
T CELL EXHAUSTION: The epigenetic landscape of T cell exhaustion
VACCINATION: Generation of influenza A viruses as live but replication-incompetent virus vaccines
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