Error Estimation and Control for ODEs
Constraint-Defined Manifolds
Construction and Implementation of General Linear Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations
High Order A-stable Numerical Methods for Stiff Problems
Important Aspects of Geometric Numerical Integration
On Symplectic and Multisymplectic Schemes for the KdV Equation
On High Order Strong Stability Preserving Runge–Kutta and Multi Step Time Discretizations
Implicit–Explicit Runge–Kutta Schemes and Applications to Hyperbolic Systems with Relaxation
Fourth-Order Runge–Kutta Schemes for Fluid Mechanics Applications
Time Compact High Order Difference Methods for Wave Propagation, 2D
Jacobian–Free Newton–Krylov Methods for the Accurate Time Integration of Stiff Wave Systems
Finite Volume Discretization and Multilevel Methods in Flow Problems
Modeling Low Mach Number Reacting Flow with Detailed Chemistry and Transport
Solving Schemes for Computational Magneto-Aerodynamics
The NCAR Spectral Element Climate Dynamical Core
Strong and Auxiliary Forms of the Semi-Lagrangian Method for Incompressible Flows
Preconditioning Strategies for Models of Incompressible Flow