Patients' experience of a nurse-led lifestyle clinic at a Swedish health centre

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In Sweden, 56% of the population aged 16–84 have an unhealthy lifestyle. The primary health care (PHC) has been instructed to offer citizens health promotion and disease-preventive actions. Very few studies have been conducted about how individuals experience interventions from the PHC intended to help them to change lifestyle.


The purpose of the study was to explore patients' experiences of visiting a nurse-led lifestyle clinic.


Patients (n = 137), who participated in a screening test at a lifestyle clinic, were invited to focus group interviews. Of these, 14 patients agreed to participate. The data were analysed using content analysis.


The patients felt that the visit to the lifestyle clinic gave insight into their habits and diminished their fear of not being healthy. Primary health care was seen as a safe provider in this matter. Disappointment was occasioned by the unfulfilled expectations of blood tests, lack of follow-up visit and inconsistencies of approach during the visit to the lifestyle clinic. Personal chemistry was perceived to be crucial for how the encounter with the public health nurse evolved.


Lifestyle clinics can give patients opportunity to change lifestyle and also to confirm the good habits. It may also be important to have follow-up visits to give the patients' support when changing lifestyle. Nurses counselling patients about lifestyle changes need to have recurrent training in Motivational Interviewing.

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