Detection of Autoantibodies to Tumour-Associated Antigens in Sera of Patients with Systemic Autoimmunity Using a Novel Protein Microblot Array

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It is well known that sera of patients with systemic autoimmunity contain autoantibodies to nuclear antigens. It is also known that patients with systemic autoimmunity have an increased risk for the development of tumours. Interestingly, tumour patients frequently develop autoantibodies and there is a growing list of potential tumour-associated antigens. It is, however, not known whether or not patients with systemic autoimmunity also develop antibodies to tumour-associated antigens. Here we describe the development of a novel multiprotein array allowing us to screen for autoantibodies to 30 different tumour-associated antigens in parallel. Using this novel assay, we found that the frequency of autoantibodies to the selected tumour-associated antigens is increased between 2- and 14-fold in patients with systemic autoimmunity compared with an age-matched control group.

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