Future Considerations in Cutaneous Photomedicine

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Laser and light technology and their use in dermatology are rapidly advancing. Radiofrequency devices have recently integrated lasers to augment the beneficial effects of both while minimizing potential complications of each. Laser-assisted liposuction is becoming more commonplace, and new investigations into the noninvasive selective destruction of fat with lasers have been undertaken. A better understanding of photobiology has generated renewed interest in the effects of low-level laser therapy on skin and wound healing. Lasers also are being used in novel ways for the purposes of in vivo diagnosis, producing some incredible imaging that may prove useful in the early diagnosis and evaluation of cutaneous disease. Finally, more recent work in the field of photochemical tissue bonding may be bringing us closer to sutureless and scarless surgery. Although not an exhaustive review, this article explores some recent advances in laser and light technologies for dermatologic applications and diagnosis.

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