Short-pulsed laser for the treatment of tattoos, pigmented lesions, scars and rejuvenation

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This review describes the use of picosecond lasers for the treatment of tattoos, pigmented lesions, scars, and their use in rejuvenation. These devices have delivered enhanced efficacy for the treatment of tattoos and pigmented lesions when compared to the older 40–50 nanosecond devices. The fractional delivery with the picosecond devices have opened up a new method of rejuvenation for photodamaged skin and the treatment of scars. The delivery of these high-energy short pulses have created zones of injury in the skin referred to as areas of laser-induced optical breakdown. These areas of damage appear to produce cytokines and chemokines which result in epidermal and dermal repair and remodeling. The dual use of these devices with the flat and the fractional optics have made these devices useful in many ways that have been unanticipated.

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