Noninvasive approach to treatment of submental fullness

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A recent survey done by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery indicated that 67% of respondents were bothered by “excess fat under the chin/neck.” Accumulation of fat in the preplatysmal compartment of the neck is a common cause for fullness in the submental area. In the past, surgical liposuction was the only option to remove fat in the submental area. Although effective, liposuction does have risks and downtime. Recently, noninvasive options for treatment of submental fat have been introduced. These include treatment with deoxycholic acid, known as Kybella®, and cryolipolysis using the CoolMini™ handpiece. Both of these treatments offer less downtime fewer potential risks than the surgical counterpart. This article summarizes these two procedures and describes non-invasive approaches to treatment of submental fat.

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