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Variability in response to NSAIDs. Fact or fiction?

Day, R. O.;  Graham, G. G.;  Williams, K. M.;  Brooks, P. M.
Drugs. Volume 36; Issue 6; Pages 643-51; 1988
Type:   Journal Article;  Review

Multicentre Study of the Efficacy and Tolerance of Acebutolol versus Atenolol in the Long Term Treatment of Mild Arterial Hypertension

De Backer, G..
Drugs. Volume 36; Pages 51–56; 1988
Type:   Miscellaneous

Summary The efficacy, tolerance and effect on serum lipids of acebutolol were compared with those of atenolol over a 6-month period in a large group of patients with mild arterial hypertension. Both drugs were equally effective in reducing blood pres...

Normal and Pathological Lipoprotein Metabolism

Thompson, Gilbert
Drugs. Volume 36; Pages 51–54; 1988
Type:   Miscellaneous

Summary Lipids are transported in plasma as lipoproteins, and an increase in 1 or more classes of lipoprotein underlies all forms of hyperlipidaemia. Physiological influences on lipoprotein metabolism are age, gender, bodyweight, diet and exercise. P...

Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacokinetic Properties of Topically Applied Corticosteroids

Goa, Karen
Drugs. Volume 36; Pages 51–61; 1988
Type:   Miscellaneous

Summary The development of topical corticosteroids since the 1950s has opened new doors for dermatologists previously faced with treating intractable dermatoses, so that the pharmacology of topically applied corticosteroids is now reasonably well des...