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Cervical amyloidoma of C2. Case report and review of the literature.

Porchet, F.;  Sonntag, V. K.;  Vrodos, N.
Spine. Volume 23; Issue 1; Pages 133-8; 1998
Type:   Case Reports;  Journal Article;  Review

This case was described, and pertinent literature was reviewed.

Cervical Amyloidoma of C2

Porchet, François;  Sonntag, Volker;  Vrodos, Nikitas
Spine. Volume 23; Issue 1; Pages 133–138; 1998
Type:   Report

Study Design. Second published report of a patient with amyloidoma of the upper cervical spine. Objectives. To describe a patient with rare radiculopathy to alert other physicians to consider amyloid tumor as a differential diagnosis of locally destr...