Development of a Pediatric Balance Center: A Multidisciplinary Approach

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The growing evidence of the need for pediatric vestibular evaluation, as well as the availability of successful treatment options for children, is attracting the attention of many professionals and sparking much interest in the development of pediatric balance centers in North America. Complete balance function assessment and rehabilitation in children requires specialized knowledge and practices of professionals in multiple disciplines. While individual specialists provide useful test information and recommendations for patients, the collaboration of specialists working in a multidisciplinary fashion allows the information to become more powerful, providing the patients and their families with a comprehensive plan. Currently, there are only a handful of pediatric balance centers in North America and most of the centers have been in existence less than 10 years. Thus, this new initiative is in its infancy. Educating oneself, administrators, referral sources, and interdisciplinary colleagues is crucial for gathering support for the enormous endeavor of developing such a center. There are many resources one can draw from, including the works found in this issue. Our hope is that this special Seminars in Hearing may serve as a companion guide to anyone interested in performing pediatric vestibular evaluations and/or developing a multidisciplinary pediatric balance center.

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