Steven L. Moran, M.D., and Deepak Kademani, D.M.D., M.D., F.A.C.S.
New Horizons in Vascularized Bone Grafts
Reconstruction of Head and Neck Defects
Vascularized Options for Reconstruction of the Mandibular Condyle
Reconstruction of the Maxilla with Loss of the Orbital Floor and Orbital Preservation
Strategies for Avoiding Complications with Vascularized Bone Flaps in Head and Neck Microvascular Reconstruction
Vascularized Growth Plate Transfer for Distal Radius Reconstruction
Vascularized Metatarsophalangeal Joint Transfer for Radial Hypoplasia
Vascularized Bone Grafts and Their Applications in the Treatment of Carpal Pathology
The Vascularized Medial Femoral Corticoperiosteal Flap for Reconstruction of Bony Defects within the Upper and Lower Extremities
Combined Massive Allograft and Intramedullary Vascularized Fibula Transfer