Bound-Risk: The Mujeres de Yucatán por la Democracia1

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The Mujeres de Yucatán por la Democracia (Yucatecan Women for Democracy; MYD) is a reformist civic association focusing on the political transformation of democracy, organized to confront the Mexican state. The MYD, struggling against the status quo and active in the fight for democratic transformation, has become a means for self-empowering its members. Although the MYD's activism does not, on the surface, appear to threaten gender hierarchy, the division of labor, or the politics of women's daily lives, it does affect gender relations. Attitudes of women towards themselves are changing, their home-lives are being transformed, and their work-lives are also changing. As to the possible long-term effects of these changes, we can only conjecture that they have the potential for introducing new values into daily life in a culture that traditionally has silenced women's voices. These are transitional times in Mexico where the women activists of MYD will not retreat to their way of life before the MYD was founded. The MYD has transformed women's self-definition and fundamentally affected their view of society.

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