Preadolescents' Social Judgments: The Relationship Between Self-Endorsement of Traits and Gender-Related Judgments of Female Peers

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The present study investigated the relationship between preadolescents' and early adolescents' inferences and judgments of a target girl, their self-endorsement of traditionally feminine and masculine traits, the gender of the playmates and the gender-typedness of the game. Preadolescents and early Jewish Israeli adolescents males and females (n = 251) were shown a video film portraying a female target playing a feminine, masculine or neutral game with either boys or girls and then made a variety of inferences and judgments about the target. The gender of the playing partners and the gender-typedness of the game were found to influence preadolescents' inferences of female targets' traits, roles and occupations, but not their motivational-emotional judgments. Gender differences emerged such that the inferences of boys were more often in accordance with traditional gender stereotypes. Selfendorsement of traits did not seem to influence preadolescents' judgments, except in those of the cross-gender children. The results are discussed within the framework of gender schema theories.

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