The Effects of Organizational Context on Occupational Gender-Stereotyping1

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This study examined the effects of organizational context and subject gender on occupational gender-stereotyping. Subjects (153 Caucasians, 10 African Americans, 3 Asians, 3 Latinos, 2 Native Americans, and 11 unidentified) rated 8 gender-neutral occupations on a 7-point bi-polar scale representing the degree to which they felt the occupations were “masculine,” “feminine,” or “neither masculine nor feminine.” One experimental group read a masculine-typed organizational description prior to rating the occupations and the second experimental group read a feminine-typed organizational description. The control group read no organizational description. A two-way ANCOVA (2 genders × 3 organizational contexts) was used to test the hypotheses. A significant main effect for organizational context was found, but the interaction effect was not significant.

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