Assessing the Dimensionality and Other Psychometric Properties of a Greek Translation of the Sex-role Egalitarianism Scale (Form B)

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The main purpose of this study was to investigate the dimensionality of a Greek-language version of the Sex Role Egalitarianism Scale—Form B (SRES-B) via confirmatory factor analysis. Using two different samples (undergraduates and community sample from Greece) data from 667 individuals were collected. Three models were specified: the five-factor model (marital, parental, social–interpersonal–heterosexual, employment, and educational roles); the two-factor model (Intimate and Formal); and the single-factor model (Global factor). The findings indicated that the two-factor model had the best fit. The corresponding alpha coefficients were.94 and.92 respectively, with.96 for the total scale. Results also showed that women, young individuals, well educated persons, and people residing in cities were more egalitarian. No differences between the two samples were found.

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