Impact of Exercise/Sport on Well-being in Congenital Bleeding Disorders

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Physical activity provides many benefits in patients with congenital bleeding disorders. Patients with hemophilia are encouraged to participate in exercise and sports, especially those patients receiving prophylaxis. Several publications and guidelines have explored this issue in hemophilia patients, evaluating in particular the impact of physical activity on patients' well-being and quality of life. The other rare congenital bleeding disorders are less studied; they are heterogeneous in terms of clinical bleeding phenotype, incidence of hemarthrosis, and arthropathy. Furthermore, prophylaxis in these patients is less common than in hemophilia patients, which must be considered when choosing the type of physical and sporting activity. In this review, the authors have analyzed the literature focusing their attention on those rare coagulation disorders that may be complicated by arthropathy and the role of exercise and sports in this context.

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