Sexual Dysfunction and Distress—Development of a Polish Version of the Female Sexual Distress Scale-Revised

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Introduction.The concept of sexually related personal distress, central to the diagnosis of all female sexual dysfunction (FSD), is currently a subject of scientific debate. Several psychometric instruments have been used to measure sexually related personal distress in women, including the Female Sexual Distress Scale (FSDS) and its revised version (FSDS-R).Aim.To develop a Polish version of the FSDS-R (PL-FSDS-R).Methods.In total, 210 women aged 18–55 years were included in the study. Seventy-five were diagnosed with hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), 31 were diagnosed with another FSD, and 104 were control. All subjects completed the PL-FSDS-R at baseline (day 0), day 7, and day 28. Internal consistencies were evaluated by Cronbach's α. Intraclass correlation coefficient was used to assess test–retest reliability. Discriminant validity was assessed by comparing mean scores of the FSD and control groups in a between-groups analysis of variance. Receiver operating characteristic (ROC) analysis was performed to determine optimal cutoff values of the PL-FSDS-R.Main Outcome Measures.To measure the validity and reliability of the PL-FSDS-R and to determine optimal cutoff values.Results.Mean total PL-FSDS-R score was statistically higher in women with HSDD and other FSD compared to healthy individuals, showing the test had discriminant validity. The frequency of sexual intercourse and quality of relationship with sexual partner but not other sexual behaviors were statistically correlated with the PL-FSDS-R score. ROC analysis confirmed these findings. All domains of the PL-FSDS-R demonstrated satisfactory internal consistencies, with a Cronbach's α-value of >0.70 for the entire sample. Test–retest coefficients were between 0.86–0.92, with the best reliability for a 7-day recall period.Conclusions.The PL-FSDS-R is a reliable questionnaire with good psychometric and discriminative validity, and can be used to measure sexually related personal distress in Polish women with FSD with a cutoff score of ≥13.

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