P051 Evaluation of the acceptability and impact of an online booking tool

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IntroductionFinding smarter ways of working which meet the needs of increasingly IT-savvy clients and support their busy lifestyles is always a priority and provides an opportunity to innovate.Informed by focus groups, we developed an on-line booking system, designed to be mobile-first, empowering people to book and manage their own appointments through a secure server.MethodsWe monitored use of the online booking system and impact on DNA rates, as well as user acceptability, through online feedback and continued engagement with user focus groups.ResultsIn the first 5 months we have seen: Average 11% of all bookable appointments made on-line, with majority completed out of hours. 75+% users accessing from a mobile device. 10% reduction in call volumes to services, saving 213 hours of admin time. Improved patient experience and choice as evidenced through user survey: Very easy or easy to book an appointment online: 84%; Very likely or likely to use the website again: 95%. As yet DNA rates have been unaffected.DiscussionThe ability to book and manage appointments online has been well received by users and has reduced administrative time. Further tweaks have included a ‘text to cancel’ system which we anticipate will have a positive impact on DNA rates.Investigation of different uptake rates between services has led to shared learning and it is anticipated that the average uptake of bookable appointments made online will reach the target of 20% within the next 3 months.

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