P088 Antiretroviral treatment algorithm compliance: a regional audit and survey

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IntroductionIn 2015 BHIVA introduced new treatment guidelines and NHS England produced an algorithm for antiretroviral (ARV) treatment initiation, with a requirement to have regional and local multidisciplinary team (MDT) arrangements to aid decision making.Methods6 services within our regional clinical HIV network carried out a retrospective audit of 20 (or total if fewer) cases started on ARVs in 2015, and completed a survey of each centres MDT arrangements. Data from each centre was collated and analysed regionally.ResultsLocal MDT arrangements varied widely in number and composition of professionals. All centres reported a change in practice and discussed non-first line regimens. 98 case notes were included. 43/98 started due to CD4 <350, 17 for primary HIV infection or symptoms, 16 for Treatment as Prevention, and 14 patient choice. An increase in abacavir/lamivudine based regimens was seen after algorithm instigation in April 2015. Mental illness, HIV viral load >100K, patient choice and shift work were the commonest reasons for choosing non-first-line regimen. 90% overall compliant with the NHS England treatment algorithm.DiscussionMDT arrangements and interpretation of the algorithm varied in our network. Prescribing practices have changed throughout the region since algorithm introduction. Further work is needed as a network to ensure standardised ARV prescribing for both cost and equity of patient care.

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