P092 National hiv testing week 2016: increasing hiv awareness and testing opportunities through a coordinated national event

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IntroductionNational HIV Testing Week (NHTW) is an annual event co-ordinated by HIV Prevention England (HPE) which aims to increase HIV testing in England, as well as to increase awareness and acceptability of HIV testing among key populations. It takes place each November in the lead-up to World Aids Day.MethodsDigital and print promotion of: the event and postal testing services, as well as digital interactive information tools which seek to reduce barriers to testing. Provision of printed resources, including customizable and community-language posters to promote local testing events. A post-event evaluation to assess the effect of the campaign was also completed by the organisations involved.ResultsFor NHTW 2016, 100 organisation representatives responded to the post-event evaluation. 65% agreed that NHTW increased their capacity to impact their community/clients. The biggest impact was through increasing awareness of the importance of HIV testing in the local community (86%), followed by delivering more HIV tests (57%). Of those organisations who provide HIV testing, 33% provided at least twice as many tests in testing week compared with a regular week.Nearly 320 organisations ordered 400,931 NHTW resources. 211 testing events were registered on the website and 5,740 HIV home-sampling kits were ordered by the public, driven by social media and mobile app advertising.DiscussionNHTW is a high-impact event which promotes HIV testing, uniting community, clinical, government and statutory stakeholders. The campaign in the future will hope to engage more partners and keep amplifying local HIV testing and raising awareness.

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